Character of Orders

I realize reportages as well as studio/outdoor sessions. I always try hard to extract from every scene its natural beauty and mood of the moment. While working with people I want to get to know their better to make our cooperation more natural and its effect more authentic.  The knowledge who are you, what expectations you have, what you like most, facilitates awakening of your unique potential and bringing to light your irreplaceable beauty. With all my soul I am set on revealing your inner world not only for me but first of all for yourselves. That is why I try to become friendly, familiar and almost invisible observer whose presence does not cause embarassment. On the other hand I realise that not everybody is in need of closer relationship and not every person is able and want to open to it. I respect that. Regardless of the situation I do my best to make terminal effect of my work more than only satisfying. I deal also with unconventional orders initiated by my clients. I strongly respect your privacy. If you do not wish your photos to be published on my website I will adjust to your request.

Every order is realised after pre-payment. Detailed information is shared by my phone or e-mail. This data are avaible in tab Contact.

I am avaible mostly in area of Poznań, Poland but of course I will be there where you need me.