Adam is a bit unruly but also funny and nosy creature who is going to be 1 year old in few days time.  His sister Julia many times was very helpful in amusing him that is why I was able to seize his rakish smile ;) But of course being already a big guy Adam can be also quite serious, thoughtful and he likes acting as poseur. I wonder what he will do when he learns how to walk… ;)

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Parasol in Dragon

It was not an ordinary dancing evening. French duet Parasol – Gérard Godon (chromatic acordion) and Cathérine Grimault (violin) is one of the most interesting music group of dancing folk stage in Europe. In France they are already a legend and what about Poland? It occured that among balfolk funs in Poznań they also have an excellent reputation. They brought some magical moods with them. Participants of this special dance evening not only noticed and felt it but also made spirits even higher by opening parasols during one particular scottish. It was a wonderful present for both musicians. Parasol plays uniquely sensual music which stirs up not only the body but also the soul… :) I strongly recommend their repertoire and energy!

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Celtica in Molly’s Grill

Molly’s Grill it is not only nice place to eat some delicious food. Its founder is an Irish man. That is why it is often possible to listen to some Irish tunes here either during traditional Thursday sessions or concerts. On Tuesday ones had a great pleasure to join fantastic intimate event which was a concert of Macalla Trio (Tomek Biela, Ewelina Grygier and Małgorzata Mycek) connected with Irish dancing performance od Celtica Irish Dancing Group. If you was not there, it is your loss!

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Mainland European Championships in Irish Dancing in Salzburg

Salzburg is famous mainly as a Mozart’s city and from the movie of Robert Wise “The Sound of Music”. Without hesitation I can say that it is very picturesque place with lots of romantic narrow streets where parking a car borders on a miracle. You can also meet here one of the most magical creatures on this side of the mirror – Unicorns – and this is not everyday view.

This year Salzburg was chosen to be a host of Mainland European Championships in Irish dancing, which took place in Radisson Blu Hotel. In general this kind of competitions has a particular atmosphere. On one hand, they gather together people from over the world who loves this kind of dance. On the other hand, I noticed that many of them desired to make their love object too perfect. That is why they started making Irish dancing very technical, bit artificial, deprived of pure joy and true dialogue with musicians. Nevertheless, you can meet there many likeable people who are able to manifest their love to dance in more natural way with sincere smile on their faces. Paradoxically, not always these kind of dancers win prizes but it does not take their energy. They are here not only to compete but also to have a good time and draw inspiration for the future.

Competitions looks like one big dancing conveyor belt where you can see people of many different age categories. Several dozen of competitors prezent themselves in two rounds, so called heavy shoes round and soft shoes round, and then the best among them are recalled to dance their modern set – the most spectacular dance in hard shoes. The judges and accompanying musician hardly ever get up from their seats being constantly focused nearly for the whole long day. What completes this spectacle is the audience where somebody still runs afer something, rests, watches, dresses up, repeats steps, tries on new shoes or wigs by the special stalls… You can meet some more surprises like little children chasing under your legs. It is all spiced with a huge pinch of Irish cheerfulness and excitement. It is impossible not to turn your attention onto competitors’ costumes. Well, I know that everybody has their own taste but when you see little kids in full make-up, in colourful, sequinned, stiff dresses and curly wigs you can have impression that we are in a bit unusual and one of a kind circus in the world. Of course these are only subjective author’s opinion :) However, I also managed to meet many people who could dance and dress up with good taste awakening audience’s respect and admiration. Next year we will meet on championships in Poland. See you there! And Salzburg…I am sure I will visit it one more time :)

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Strays’ Concert in Tanners Pub

On Saturday 13th October in Tanners Irish Pub on Klasztorna Street in Poznań there was a concert of music group known as Strays. “Gadabouts” play mainly Irish music but they are also familiar with other celtic moods like breton or scottisch. Always, when I listen to them, I smile somewhere deep inside not only because of their joyfull musicality but also because I see how they improve  their music skills with time. Surely it is a result of their inspiring trips on Emerald Island. It is hard to stand still listening to the sounds of their music so the whole dancing hall was pulsing to the rhythm of reels, jigs and many interesting celtic tunes until late night hours.

The group consists of: Agnieszka Kumińska – beautiful, peaceful and joyful vocalist playing concertina and percussions, Jakub Szczygieł – modest but talented musician playing on Irish flutes, whistles and giving his voice from time to time, Zbigniew Ambrosiewicz – dynamic, fast and agile percussionist playing bodhran, cajon and I think any thing which can give rhythmical noises, Andrzej Muzaj – always smiled extrovert playing acoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki and voice strings with great doze of charisma, Adam Sznabel – cheerful and talented multi-instrumentalist playing uileann pipes and low whistle.

Though artificial, colourful light is hard to control I hope you will find these pictures pleasing to your eyes ;)

If you are curious about how The Strays sounds and you have no oportunity to listen to them live,  here you have the small sample of their potential :)

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Coaching Project 2012

To begin with, what exactly the Coaching Project is? So, Polish Dance Theatre every year during Dancing Poznań invites different dance group who leads workshops not only from dance technique, choreography etc. but mainly from methods of working in dance theatre or dance group. How does it happen that in this year Maria Kong Dancers Company was the workshop leader? Ms Ewa Wycichowska put herself in touch with them one day while being in Izrael. The reasult of this meeting was invitation to Poland and performing one of their show – Fling – during last year International Dance Theatres Festival. Now they also became educators – awesome educators indeed. Each of Maria Kong Dancers has huge dancing experience – artistic in general – and great talent.

Ones who iniciated the group was Talia Landa from Izrael and Aderson Braz from Brazil. Like the rest of Maria Kong they are people of very clear and strong characters but it does not mean they have big ego. They are consequent, respect themselves and their time, they know what they want, are able to focus on it and – above all – they are using all of this to create matter woven from movement, music and light. Maria Kong Dancers Company consists not only from dancers (Talia, Anderson, Caroline Boussard, Luciane Castro Fontanella, Artour Astman) but also from musicians (Idan Shimoni), great lightning designer (Shachar Werecson), film designer (Ori Ben-Shabat), technical manager (Yossi Tal Taieb) and CEO (Zohar Eshel-Acco). One musician and costume designer was not there in Poznań. Despite different characters they can easily reach an agreement and are great friends. It sounds like unparalleled  example to follow but, as an observer, I can tell you it is all true. I have never met such a tuned group creating such amazing art. Everyone is equal. Wonderful example where ego does not dominate sitting somewhere in the corner and everybody focuses on one thing – creation of magic :)

It was a great pleasure to spend time with such wonderful dancers in one place through nearly full week. After such a long time of observing Maria Kong Dancers Company you can reach one conclusion. They are true artists who put into their work all their heart and passion, who can do it on such an amazing level that intercourse with them is like a trip to some different world. The world full of not only abstraction, movement, music, play of lights but also rising energy in which you participate. Energy which stirs you up, drives into deeper thoughts, the inspiring one. Time will show how big part of this experience will last in Coaching Project participants’ souls.

Maria Kong and participants of this year Coaching Project – thank you for wonderful time. Ms Jagoda Ignaczak – thank you for quick accreditation and Ms Ewa Wycichowska – thank you for your smile and few nice conversations :)

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Kong’s Night in Poznań

Who have not seen it, your loss! Maria Kong Dancers Company and their intriguing “Kong’s Night”. The magic of surrealizm in the purest form. Apart from it, wonderful people… I strongly recommend! If one of you happens to be in Tel Awif, I am sure there is a big chance to see them somewhere :)

And to finish with, I have one Maria Kong bonus for you. As you can see below, Caroline is really electrifying person. And so is Anderson. I had a privilege to watch their Animal Duet live in very intimate bunch of people and I must admit that erotism was in the air in such a remarkable way, flowing from THE source…

Maria Kong, I hope someday our paths will cross one more time!

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