Samuel Osoka with his group Afroband gave great concert during Kulturowisko which was the final event of Etno-Integrations. I can safely say that the concert brighted up the event in a positive and true way. Although musicians appeared on the very end they instantly shone with delightful and heart catching energy. This Nigerian man creates his songs in English and in melodious Igbo language which is used mainly in south-eastern Nigeria. But also some covers appeared, for example Bob Marley’s “Redemption song” :) Osoka describes his music as a fusion of reggae,  folk and soul but in my opinion it defines his music only superficially. You should just listen to him personally :) We can’t forget about the whole Afroband who enables Osoka to express his creativity. Ania Kamińska on fiddle gives folk’n’soulish taste which is even intensified by Szymon Radzikowski on guitar. Chuzie Nwabia (also Nigerian) complete the whole sound with African shades on percussive instruments and with his voice.

Having lived for few years in Poland Osoka is still truly connected with his own culture what you can hear clearly in his lyrics. He writes about African reality, local problems, family, feelings, being at the crossroads and other values close to his heart. But non-Africans could also find something for themselves in these lyrics.  Speaking briefly – I recommend Osoka and Afroband to everybody :)

And Kulturowisko? Everything went according to plan. Their own secret thoughts woven into poems shared Róża Łakatosz, Seifu Gebru and Emilia Ivancu. There were lots of thanks, jembe performance given by Mateusz Walczak and his workshop group,  great deal of hand pictures thanks to Ola and my exhibition of photos taken during Etno-Integrational events. And that’s all folks! Greetings to everybody :)

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Pumpkins Tracker

This funny little being someday, when he comes of age, will surely turn many a head :)

But now he turns only one head and instead of rakish match in his teeth he makes do with his dummy and plans how to track next pumpkin.

Contemplative and focused, surprised and bored, but deep inside… always amused.

That’s how, like gust of wind, his moods are changing. But still he tries to keep constant dose of dignity and chic ;)

For his mother he is a real joy although he still requires so much assistance… ;)

Apart from this he is very brave and unbeaten creature who is not afraid of autumn pumpkins even after dark. Probably only Morfeus is able to defeat him at this time. And guess what he will be dreaming of if not of the pumpkins :)

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Duo Absynthe

Lads from Duo Absynthe got acclimatized in Poland sooner than one could expect :) Despite exhausting journey they mustered up enough energy to play really good concert and they made all ballroom dance.  That is the proof ;) Have an enjoyable watching!

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Marta & Bartek Wedding

Weddings in small, local churches are particularly charming. Cosy Church of Divine Mercy in Chocicza was a good example. Peaceful atmosphere of the ceremony surrounded everybody in a gentle way which made few people weep with joyful emotion. Participants of the ceremony surely will move back with pleasure to this magical day of Marta and Bartek’s wedding.

During wedding party the spirits were high, choreographic creativity grew with every minute and just married didn’t leave the dance floor…

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Wedding of Emilia and Andrzej

Charming atmosphere of Olsztyn Haven enchanted Emilia and Andrzej’s guests during this precious day. Just married surprised everybody by showing up for their wedding on board of romantic boat. Then they astonished all guests with their graceful first dance opening the dancing part of the evening, which lasted until first beams of rising sun.  The dancing floor was pulsating to the rhythm of the gratest hits and for a moment it even could feel a bit of Irish dance climates. Have a nice watching!

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Mabir Duo in Poznań

With their adorable music very joyful and tuned pair of artists from France swept Posnanian audience to the land of Breton dance. They are planning to visit Poznań again during Autumn and this time as a trio. Surely I don’t have to recommend this event to people who already saw and heard Mabir Duo but if you didn’t have such an opportunity, just follow Bal Folk news :)

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Dancing in Myślęcinek

Not far away from Bydgoszcz in Myślęcinek there is a cosy shelter surrounded by nature where people from many corners of Poland enjoyed themselves during annual dancing meeting in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej.

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Mini session from hen party

Well, just a few snapshots of  some amiable girls who decided to arrange crazy photo session for their friend during her hen party. Only half an hour of work and I have to say that the effect is fair enough ;) Girls also were having great fun. What was happening after…? I only can speculate ;)

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St. John’s Fair in Poznań

This is a small extract of what was happening on 15th June on Old Market in Poznań. EtnoBalans numerous dancing team performed there, also with the youngest adepts – all very eager and talented. Together with girls from Celtica Irish Dance Group dancers presented Irish dance show. They prepared also a little surprise for the audience showing a debut choreography based on American tap dance what raised lots of smiles and great applause.

Folk Group Szamotuły from Szamotuły Culture Centre showed also loads of energy and spirit.

Last but not the least was Gospel Joy Choir from Poznań. Their great passion and joy of singing was instantly seized by the audience. The essence of their lyrics was definitely worth digestion and the mood of the concert was worth feeling. What is more, Gospel Joy is full of beautiful and talented women, one of whom is my friend ;) Werka, kind regards and wish you a successful path!

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Preschoolers’ Flash Mob in Poznań

On 9th June Old Market in Poznań suddenly became very crowded place. Among all the people ones could notice mysterious but joyful women with orange hair… Suddenly music resounded and all became clear. Children from kindergartens who learn dancing in Roma Jakubowska Dancing Studio were part od this unexpected event. I only wonder who was the majority: preschoolers or people keeping cameras and phones in their hands ;) It was absolute siege of Old Market! Kids found it really amusing though :)

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Amazing horseback gymnastics in Baborówko

Recently horse riding is more and more popular form of recreation. But what Paulina and her team does in Baborówko near Poznań is not child’s play… Girls are really well trained and their horse extremely patient to what is going on his back :) For ones bored with only horse riding I recommend horseback gymnastics in Baborówko!

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Irish picnic in Małkocin

On 24th May in Małkocin not so far away from Szczecin the integrating event for Szczecin University’s employees took place. But it was not just an ordinary picnic – the spirit of Ireland put some character in it. Everything that was happening there had the connection with Irish culture. The dancing part was presented by Irish Dancing Group Celtica from Poznań showing not only spectacular heavy shoes dance but also ethereal and charming soft shoe dancing to the rhythm of reels and jigs.

Girls met with big applause so it was not a problem to find volunteers for Irish dancing workshop. It was led by Magdalena Mak – coordinator, co-choreographer and of course one of Celtica’s dancers.

The music atmosphere of Emerald Island was provided by music group called… Emerald :) – from Szczecin. They decided to play some polkas and reels also during the workshops. They are really great lads who know how to rock :)

However what would be this event without real Celts? They were not only brave but also kind and helpful… Unfortunately, some people still did not manage to catch the Celtic boar.

Both, participants and performers, were in really good moods, even more when it occured that Emerald drummer knows how to create unique planets what gave a lot of joy to everybody :)

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Duo Pastis in Dragon

This amiable dancing evening was accompanied by the music of Italian duet Duo Pastis (Pierpaolo Berta – diatonic accordion, clarinet and Fabio Colussi – acoustic guitar). Concert was organised thanks to Marta Tomczak and Krzysztof Rogulski who create posnanian Bal Folk team.

The group entertained posnanian fans of bal folk dances with their music playing such dances as chappelloise, cercle circassien or bourrée. They also did not forget about energising scottishes, romantic mazurkas and moody waltzes.

It was their first visit in Poland and I hope not the last :)

With regards for all participants! ;)

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Celtica & EtnoBalans behind the scenes

I was really lucky to seize so many beautiful girls in my frame! This is how Celtica and EtnoBalans energetic dancers acted behind the scenes of Pyrkon 2013.

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Pyrkon 2013 – collective performance of Celtica & EtnoBalans

Colourful legs of beautiful lassies whooshed over the stage in ethereal manner surprising everybody either with their nimbleness and charm or firm and synchronised sounds of feet tapping to the rhythm of stirring music. This is what ones could experience watching the collective performance of  Irish Dancing Group Celtica and EtnoBalans dancers during fantasy convent Pyrkon 2013.

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Celtica & EtnoBalans preparations for performance on Pyrkon 2013

Hurly-burly made by excited dancers searching for hairpins, concentration while drawing celtic designs on faces and this remarkable scent of hair spray ;) However it does not annoy at all when you are surrounded by so many wonderful women… This is how the Celtica‘s and EtnoBalans’ preparations before performance on Pyrkon 2013 looked like.

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