Samuel Osoka with his group Afroband gave great concert during Kulturowisko which was the final event of Etno-Integrations. I can safely say that the concert brighted up the event in a positive and true way. Although musicians appeared on the very end they instantly shone with delightful and heart catching energy. This Nigerian man creates his songs in English and in melodious Igbo language which is used mainly in south-eastern Nigeria. But also some covers appeared, for example Bob Marley’s “Redemption song” :) Osoka describes his music as a fusion of reggae,  folk and soul but in my opinion it defines his music only superficially. You should just listen to him personally :) We can’t forget about the whole Afroband who enables Osoka to express his creativity. Ania Kamińska on fiddle gives folk’n’soulish taste which is even intensified by Szymon Radzikowski on guitar. Chuzie Nwabia (also Nigerian) complete the whole sound with African shades on percussive instruments and with his voice.

Having lived for few years in Poland Osoka is still truly connected with his own culture what you can hear clearly in his lyrics. He writes about African reality, local problems, family, feelings, being at the crossroads and other values close to his heart. But non-Africans could also find something for themselves in these lyrics.  Speaking briefly – I recommend Osoka and Afroband to everybody :)

And Kulturowisko? Everything went according to plan. Their own secret thoughts woven into poems shared Róża Łakatosz, Seifu Gebru and Emilia Ivancu. There were lots of thanks, jembe performance given by Mateusz Walczak and his workshop group,  great deal of hand pictures thanks to Ola and my exhibition of photos taken during Etno-Integrational events. And that’s all folks! Greetings to everybody :)

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