Irish picnic in Małkocin

On 24th May in Małkocin not so far away from Szczecin the integrating event for Szczecin University’s employees took place. But it was not just an ordinary picnic – the spirit of Ireland put some character in it. Everything that was happening there had the connection with Irish culture. The dancing part was presented by Irish Dancing Group Celtica from Poznań showing not only spectacular heavy shoes dance but also ethereal and charming soft shoe dancing to the rhythm of reels and jigs.

Girls met with big applause so it was not a problem to find volunteers for Irish dancing workshop. It was led by Magdalena Mak – coordinator, co-choreographer and of course one of Celtica’s dancers.

The music atmosphere of Emerald Island was provided by music group called… Emerald :) – from Szczecin. They decided to play some polkas and reels also during the workshops. They are really great lads who know how to rock :)

However what would be this event without real Celts? They were not only brave but also kind and helpful… Unfortunately, some people still did not manage to catch the Celtic boar.

Both, participants and performers, were in really good moods, even more when it occured that Emerald drummer knows how to create unique planets what gave a lot of joy to everybody :)

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