Strays’ Concert in Tanners Pub

On Saturday 13th October in Tanners Irish Pub on Klasztorna Street in Poznań there was a concert of music group known as Strays. “Gadabouts” play mainly Irish music but they are also familiar with other celtic moods like breton or scottisch. Always, when I listen to them, I smile somewhere deep inside not only because of their joyfull musicality but also because I see how they improve  their music skills with time. Surely it is a result of their inspiring trips on Emerald Island. It is hard to stand still listening to the sounds of their music so the whole dancing hall was pulsing to the rhythm of reels, jigs and many interesting celtic tunes until late night hours.

The group consists of: Agnieszka Kumińska – beautiful, peaceful and joyful vocalist playing concertina and percussions, Jakub Szczygieł – modest but talented musician playing on Irish flutes, whistles and giving his voice from time to time, Zbigniew Ambrosiewicz – dynamic, fast and agile percussionist playing bodhran, cajon and I think any thing which can give rhythmical noises, Andrzej Muzaj – always smiled extrovert playing acoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki and voice strings with great doze of charisma, Adam Sznabel – cheerful and talented multi-instrumentalist playing uileann pipes and low whistle.

Though artificial, colourful light is hard to control I hope you will find these pictures pleasing to your eyes ;)

If you are curious about how The Strays sounds and you have no oportunity to listen to them live,  here you have the small sample of their potential :)

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