Coaching Project 2012

To begin with, what exactly the Coaching Project is? So, Polish Dance Theatre every year during Dancing Poznań invites different dance group who leads workshops not only from dance technique, choreography etc. but mainly from methods of working in dance theatre or dance group. How does it happen that in this year Maria Kong Dancers Company was the workshop leader? Ms Ewa Wycichowska put herself in touch with them one day while being in Izrael. The reasult of this meeting was invitation to Poland and performing one of their show – Fling – during last year International Dance Theatres Festival. Now they also became educators – awesome educators indeed. Each of Maria Kong Dancers has huge dancing experience – artistic in general – and great talent.

Ones who iniciated the group was Talia Landa from Izrael and Aderson Braz from Brazil. Like the rest of Maria Kong they are people of very clear and strong characters but it does not mean they have big ego. They are consequent, respect themselves and their time, they know what they want, are able to focus on it and – above all – they are using all of this to create matter woven from movement, music and light. Maria Kong Dancers Company consists not only from dancers (Talia, Anderson, Caroline Boussard, Luciane Castro Fontanella, Artour Astman) but also from musicians (Idan Shimoni), great lightning designer (Shachar Werecson), film designer (Ori Ben-Shabat), technical manager (Yossi Tal Taieb) and CEO (Zohar Eshel-Acco). One musician and costume designer was not there in Poznań. Despite different characters they can easily reach an agreement and are great friends. It sounds like unparalleled  example to follow but, as an observer, I can tell you it is all true. I have never met such a tuned group creating such amazing art. Everyone is equal. Wonderful example where ego does not dominate sitting somewhere in the corner and everybody focuses on one thing – creation of magic :)

It was a great pleasure to spend time with such wonderful dancers in one place through nearly full week. After such a long time of observing Maria Kong Dancers Company you can reach one conclusion. They are true artists who put into their work all their heart and passion, who can do it on such an amazing level that intercourse with them is like a trip to some different world. The world full of not only abstraction, movement, music, play of lights but also rising energy in which you participate. Energy which stirs you up, drives into deeper thoughts, the inspiring one. Time will show how big part of this experience will last in Coaching Project participants’ souls.

Maria Kong and participants of this year Coaching Project – thank you for wonderful time. Ms Jagoda Ignaczak – thank you for quick accreditation and Ms Ewa Wycichowska – thank you for your smile and few nice conversations :)

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